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Genuine Original Quality Collectable Vintage Antiques shipped worldwide direct from the UK including a good variety Money Box Saving Tins, Lots of

Ephemera and old die cut paper scraps, Plenty of Jigsaw Picture Puzzles to keep you quiet for ages.Go to Our Vintage Collectable Antiques

We have a picture restoration service at Kennedyantiques.com just send us your details of what you require at our Contact Us 24/7

Tai Chi Workshops Classes in Scarborough North Yorkshire UK

The secret to a long and healthy life with vitality and energy in a simple and unique form of the Lee family of Tai Chi Chuan at the The Arts Workshops Scarborough every Tuesday and Thursday morning, afternoon and evening by Angie Wood qualified Black Jacket Teacher in The Lee Family Style of T'ai Chi Ch'ua, K'ai Men Taoist Yoga, Dao Yin Taoist Breathing Exercises. Just send us an email hear Contact Us 24/7